Total Flood Solutions invest in state-of-the-art plasma cutter.

Delivering excellence
through innovation

With innovation being at the heart of Total Flood Solutions’ ethos we are continuously looking to improve our processes throughout our different business functions. With this in mind, our recent manufacturing investments have been focussed upon production and service improvements.

Summer 2015 has seen the arrival of the ‘state of the art’ high precision HD ALPHATOME 2040 Plasma cutter. With TFS housing the only one of its kind in the United Kingdom, we are sitting at very sharpest point of technology in the country.


The Plasma cutter uses laser positioning precision to +/-0.1mm in preparation of the high pressure cutting devise. By having a low gas consumption encourages a longer life span of consumables aiding sustainable processes in the workshop.

With the power to cut through ferrous and non ferrous materials up to 40mm thick, the versatility of the machine is paramount to the company. Due to the new cutting method obtaining greater precision, a higher standard of finish and consistency in workmanship, increase in the quality of products for customers is set to rise. The operational speed of the plasma causes an increase efficiency which will encourage a quicker product turnover allowing for lower lead times.

The machine is currently being operated by two of our highly skilled workshop team who have gone through intensive training to enable the safe and effective running of the machine.

Our inhouse CAD team are using Lantek softwear to design the drawings which are compatable with the new Plasma cutter. The scope of possibilites which are accessable with this software are a business opportunity in itself. In the near future we aim to offer this new additional line of business to external customers such as steel stockholders and fellow manufacturers.