Thames Water Alliance Contract for Water Utility Flood Defences

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Total Flood Solutions have been awarded an Alliance Strategic Agreement for the provision of water utility flood resilience services and products with Thames Water

The contract will provide property-level flood resistance to water utility assets in the London and Thames Valley region.  Around 50 sites have been identified as potentially at flood risk.

Totwater-utility-flood-thames-logoal Flood Solutions will provide a number of products and services through the contract, which is set to run for the remainder of the AMP6 budget period.

The initial work is to provide Thames Water with detailed flood mapping data for the areas identified as potentially at-risk.

Where critical assets are identified as at-risk of flooding a range of systems and products will be specified to protect the asset from a future flood event.

Examples of products that may be used to provide the required level of flood resistance include: flood doors, cabinets, flood-proof air bricks, barriers, gates and kiosks.  These will work alongside civil-type solutions such as duct sealing and wall protection.

This contract represents a growth in our the relationship with Thames Water, having flood protected several sites for them previously.  It also adds to our significant experience providing water utility flood defences.  We've delivered similar works in the past for other water utility companies including Anglian Water, Affinity Water and South East Water.