Flood Defences Successfully Protect Electrical Utility Substation

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Total Flood Solutions are delighted to announce the success of our flood defences on another electrical substation.

Flood defences were installed by Total Flood Solutions on a major electrical substation in Timberdine, South Worcester in 2012.  The area was at severe pluvial flood risk and was recently affected by heavy rainfall causing flooding in the surrounding area.  Despite being surrounded by flood water, the substation remained fully operational.

The new flood defences at work at the Timberdine sub stationWestern Power Distribution, the electricity distributor responsible for the substation, carried out the work as part of its programme to improve supply reliability and customer service levels.
The project involved building concrete flood bunds around transformer equipment in the substation, flood cabinets around key electrical equipment.  Flood doors and flood-proof membranes were installed on the exterior of at-risk buildings.  Pumps were installed within existing cable troughs in the building to account for any rising groundwater as a result of saturation.

Jane Rawlings, Projects Team Manager for the area said: “Following torrential rain overnight on Tuesday, the flood defences activated and we were able to safeguard supply reliability to around 14,000 customers in the Timberdine area.

“Our investment ensures that we can provide a high level of service to Timberdine in the long term, by improving the infrastructure and security of our electricity network,” said Jane.