Nottingham Grid Substation, Western Power Distribution

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Following a review of the flood risk to their Midlands utility assets, Western Power Distribution deemed Nottingham Grid Substation at a critical risk of flooding.

Due to the vast coverage of the site, the flood depth varied in relation to ground level. This alternating ground level created various flood protection requirements ranging from 0.8m to 0.99m. In an event of a flood this demonstrated an assortment of assets were at risk and would require protection. The assets implicated were numerous control rooms, switch rooms, low voltage alternating current room, transformers and circuit breaker.


TFS consider this flood depth to be an intermediate risk. Therefore creating no structural implications, however the predicted flood depth would submerge the whole site, meaning flood protection was of critical importance.

Scope of works:
  • Full protection to six buildings incorporating wall defence and flood doors
  • Two new reinforced concrete slabs to existing buildings,
  • Raising four transformer bunds,
  • Sealing all cable and duct entries around buildings
  • Installation of numerous flood proof cabinets