Smith and Nephew, Hull, North Humberside

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Working under principle contractor, ESH Construction, Total Flood Solutions won a contract to manufacture and install 11 flood doors and 9 flood gates as part of a larger flood scheme at the site.

The site was located in Hull and suffered a severe flood in late 2013 following tidal surge. Esh construction were contracted to build a large flood wall around the site to prevent recurrence. The flood wall was designed to be tied into the existing walls on the site and restricted vehicular and pedestrian access. Total Flood Solutions therefore worked with ESH’s designers in building the products to be cast into the flood wall, with doors used for pedestrian access and gates for areas vehicles or equipment were required to be allowed to pass through.


The project was completed over a three month period with Total Flood Solutions attending site for a total of 20 days.

Scope of works:
  • Working as tier two contractor under principal contractor ESH Construction
  • Part of a £9m improvement project on the site following severe coastal flooding
  • Protection height 900mm
  • 11 Flood Doors
  • 9 Flood Gates