Flood Glazing

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Flood Glazing
Whilst the clear priority of any flood defence product is to provide a comprehensive protection flooding, there are often other factors to take into account when specifying products on a flood defence project.

The products will likely be used predominately for other purposes post-installation, such as access and egress. Therefore there are other product aspects that must be taken into account. The aesthetic value of the product is one such example.

flood glazing

Large scale flood scheme can be met with resistance from local stakeholders when the scope of works involves the modification or removal of a visual feature in the area, such as a view over the sea or a river. Our flood glazing offers an aesthetically pleasing finish without compromising on flood protection.

The flood glazing can act as a defence on its own or as a finishing piece atop a larger flood wall. The glass used is specified to prevent shattering upon debris impact and is self cleaning to ensure the pleasant view remains no matter what conditions the product faces.

We have also designed our own flood window, which can be opened like a normal window yet provides complete protection from flooding and can be installed to replace existing windows or as part of a new build project. Given window protection is typically required for flood heights above 1m, establishing the integrity of the structure onto which the product will be fixed is of paramount importance when specifying windows in a flood defence project.