Delivering excellence
through innovation
We are committed to ensuring our customers receive flood defence systems of the highest quality. To achieve this we operate the most comprehensive in-house flood test regime in Europe.

Every single flood defence product we design and system we use is subjected to an intensive flood test programme, giving us and our customers assurance that when a flood should hit their asset flood protection will withstand it.


Our in-house flood test facility allows us to lead the way in flood product innovation in the UK. Our flood risk surveyors are constantly coming up against new and challenging flood defence scenarios that require a bespoke, customised and often innovative approach. For this we utilise our test facility to create new systems to meet the needs of our customers and to add to our industry-leading range of flood products, using our experts in design, manufacture and installation of flood defences to inform effective and inventive flood product design.

Hydrostatic Load Testingflood defence design

The fundamental test for our products is a 24-hour hydrostatic load flood test. This tests the performance of a product’s flood seal during a flood event and also the ability of the product to withstand the significant pressure created by the hydrostatic load of the flood water. We typically test products up to a height of 1.5m.

Dynamic Impact Load Testing

Considering the high risk of large debris impacting a flood product during a flood event there is a need to test products to ensure that they are able to withstand such an impact. To simulate such an impact Total Flood Solutions utilise a dynamic impact load test. This test involves two impacts of 600J each from a 50kg rigid falling object simulating floating debris. The product is subjected to a 1-hour hydrostatic load flood test after each impact to determine its continued functionality.tfs research impact testing

Duct Sealing

As well a testing our fabricated flood products, we use our test facility to seek new methods of civil and installation related solutions. Our unique duct sealing system is one example of this. Working closely with partners in our supply chain we have developed a Total Flood Solutions Duct Seal system used to prevent flood water ingress through cable entry ducts and installed by our trained and skilled flood defence engineers.